Everyone loves shopping, but no one likes to carry shopping bags. That is why we created the AKYASI app (meaning "my bags" in Arabic). This luxury yet cost-effective platform removes the hassle of carrying shopping bags, and makes your shopping experience more enjoyable.

Giving you a true hands-free shopping experience.

how it all started...

Enas and Ranya have been friends and business partners for over a decade now, having worked on countless projects together. One day, the two met for an afternoon coffee as they usually do, but after a particularly exhausting day of shopping with her daughter Enas felt the need to vent about the frustrating need to carry heavy bags. Ranya, knowing exactly what Enas was talking about, mentioned that she had thought about the idea of hands-free shopping for years, but thought it would be too difficult or frankly, logistically impossible. Nevertheless, Enas was intrigued by this, and suggested that an application would bring this idea one step closer to fruition. Thus, an idea was born. After countless meetings and discussions, all was orchestrated except the name until Sudki, Ranya’s 11-year-old son excitedly shouted,
‘What about AKYASI!’